Authentic Paellas for Everyone

Our Chef Humberto Sanchez was born and raised in Venezuela and has over 18 years of experience in restaurants around the world. His culinary journey has taken him from DiverXO Madrid’s only 3 Michelin-star restaurant, Bilbao, Valencia and San Sebastian to the Biltmore Hotel in Miami. In Toronto, he found his gastronomic home. Humberto shares his love and passion for cooking with the students of George Brown College. Humberto’s most recent venture is his catering company, Paelleros, cooking open-fire paellas for events and festivals.

Authentic Bomba Rice

Bomba, also called Valencia Rice, is a short grain, almost round rice, with a pearly colour. It absorbs three times its volume in water as opposed to the average rice grain, which absorbs only twice its volume. This means it absorbs more flavour and does not stick together. For these reasons, bomba rice is highly prized by cooks. Another difference with the bomba variety is in the way it expands during the cooking process. Instead of cracking open along with the length of the grain, it breaks open crosswise and as it cooks, and it expands like an accordion until it reaches three times the length of the raw grain.

Paelleros News

Are you visiting Paelleros at The Latin Fest?

The Flavours of Spain brought right to you

Being foodies and wanting to do something different the late-night food station, Felisia and Minh jumped at the chance to create an outdoor paella station, thanks to their friends at Paelleros. "They cooked everything on the spot in a huge Paellera, as guest inside could catch wafts of simmering rice, spices and seafood, and watch the chef outside doing his thing" Felisia says.