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Who is Paelleros?

Paelleros Catering is a full-service catering company that specializes in authentic Spanish cuisine. Paelleros’ Offers paella, tapas, Spanish fare, and custom menus for all events such as weddings, corporate catering, BBQs, and private parties.


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Wedding caterers in the GTA offer the same cuisine over and over, Paelleros stands as a unique caterer of quality, service, client satisfaction offering authentic Spanish cuisine and custom menus.




In the highly saturated catering industry of the GTA Paelleros’ stands out thanks to their professionalism, flexibility and their high-quality products.



When you hear BBQ? You think of a grill… Grills are fine but, Paelleros’ is one of the few caterers in the province who offer Lechon in Caja China BBQ. 


Private Parties

All private parties are the specialty of Paelleros’ Catering. Catering with private parties and these intimate gatherings are held close to the hearts of the Paelleros crew.


Chef Humberto Sanchez

Founder | Executive Chef 

Chef Humberto Sanchez was born and raised in Venezuela and has over 20 years of experience in restaurants around the world. His culinary journey has taken him from DiverXO Madrid’s only 3 Michelin-star restaurant, Bilbao, Valencia, and San Sebastian to the Biltmore Hotel in Miami. In Toronto, he found his gastronomic home. Humberto shares his love and passion for cooking with the students of George Brown College. Humberto’s most recent venture is his catering company, Paelleros, cooking open-fire paellas for events and festivals.

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