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About Us

The Flavours of Spain brought right to you

Paelleros is a dynamic and unique catering company that offers a wide range of services. Paelleros specializes in making authentic Spanish paella and tapas. Paelleros offers a distinct form of BBQ called Caja Lechon, a service not offered by any other Toronto caterer. Paelleros has a passionate and energetic team of culinarians who have and will continue to go above and beyond exceeding expectations or service, flavour, and positivity.


Paelleros has several extensions including @barcatalina_, @gourmetguyz, and of course the executive chef @Chefhumbertosanchez.  Chef Humberto is the man behind it all; He has worked in Miami, Toronto, and Madrid working hard to bring his experience and knowledge to Toronto, his culinary home. Chef Humberto’s goal is to celebrate diverse and delicious cuisines throughout the GTA and surrounding areas. He has cultivated a motivated team of talented cooks and chefs to reach these goals by going above and beyond expectations and getting any job done!

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